Photo by  Julie Surette

Photo by Julie Surette

Emily Dumas is an illustrator and surface designer north of Boston. As a former advertising Art Director, Emily developed a keen sense of branding, design and marketing.

Her work has adorned a variety of products and has been exhibited and sold at trade shows and galleries across the U.S. Many of her illustrations include witty sayings, puns, inspiration from her love of food, hip hop and bright colors.

She has a BA from Salem State University where she is a part-time educator. She's pretty fond of spinning, napping, tacos and hip hop.

Clients:  Eccolo / Enchante / Hi Little One / Leap Year Publishing / Poketo / Prep Obsessed / Sock It to Me / Super 7 / 20th Century Fox / Transpac / Trader Joe’s

Selected Exhibitions:
Miyazaki Art Shows Spoke Art / Los Angeles; New York and San Francisco
ICON10 Detroit Gallery Show Red Bull House of Art / Detroit
O'Coen Where Art Thou? Spoke Art / New York
Client Work: A Mama's Sauce Retrospective Redefine Gallery / Orlando
Bob's Burgers Tribute Show Spoke Art / New York
Lord of the Thrones Tribute Show Spoke Art / San Francisco
La couleur de l'étrangeté: Caro & Jeunet Spoke Art / San Francisco
Bad Dads 4&6: A Wes Anderson Tribute Spoke Art  / New York and San Francisco

Selected Publications:
Bad Dads
Abrahms Publishing
Unicorn Park self-published
Work/Life 2 Uppercase
Sweet Paul, Fall Edition


I love collaborating and welcome licensing opportunities or design consulting. If you are interested in working with me, please drop a line!

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